Time To Clean Up Their Act

Dan Hylle believes that when an RV is pre-owned and sold, or that pre-owned RV is rented, in either event, the seller or rental company should be required to competently clean the RV holding tanks as a condition of purchase or rental relation. Dan’s fiber-optic cameras prove that many pre-owned RV holding tansk are being sold or rented with hugely filthy and dysfunctional RV holding tank systems.

Dan believes it is to all of us, the consumers to express our voice and attempt to convince RV Dealers and Rental companies to competently clean the RV holding tanks before those pre-owned RV’s are sold or rented to others.

If the Dealers and Rental companies refuse to competently clean the RV holding tanks, then consumers should expressly decline to buy or rent those filthy RV’s. Dan’s hope is to begin this conversation with the expectation that more and more consumers will take notice and drop the other foot and stop funding the purchase or rental of an RV unless the Dealer or Rental company certifies they have competently cleaned the RV holding tanks.

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