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Dan Hylle believes there is no environmentally safe way to clean an RV holding tank using harsh chemical solutions. The vast majority of RV holding tank cleaners contain harsh chemicals and do not competently clean the RV holding tank or the tank’s sensor. Here now Dan presents the cold-hard facts, and then you get to decide how-best to proceed:

NOTE: Please keep in mind Dan utilizes a state of the art fiber-optic video camera to prove his stated position against the use of all harsh chemical tank solution currently on the market.

The Chemical Sales Pitch

Every black RV holding tank contains raw sewage. The harsh chemicals used to break down the raw sewage turn the sewage into a thick pancake-batter sludge which will not fully dump or flow from the pressure of garden hose water. Those harsh chemicals are extremely harmful to the environment. The resulting sludge is part of the problem with sensor misreadings as are the growth of struvite, which is a cement-like coating caused by the gases reacting on the waste once the harsh chemicals are added in the black holding tank.

In review, harsh chemicals are not working competently, and those harsh chemicals cause many of the sensor misreadings, and otherwise costly and environmentally unsafe.

Dan Offers a Brilliant Cleaning Method

First of all, call and schedule Dan for a competent cleaning of every RV tank. Secondly, while Dan is driving over to clean your RV holding tanks go ahead and properly dispose of harsh chemicals and never again buy harsh chemicals for the purpose of cleaning your RV holding tanks.

According to Dan, after cleaning thousands of RV holding tanks, Dan is certain that cleaning your RV holding tanks with a hydro-jet (high-pressure water-based) system will competently clean your RV holding tanks and your tank sensor flawlessly. Dan has captured fiber-optic video evidence to prove his expertise.

As soon as Dan is finished competently cleaning your RV holding tanks, Dan will teach you how to add an environmentally safe probiotic treatment to maintain your RV holding tanks. Your RV holding tanks will not smell of odor, no mold, no struvite, no thick sludge, no more sensor misreadings.

Life as an RV enthusiast was intended to be pleasurable, and that is why RV manufacturers agree that hydro-jet cleaning is the appropriate and recommended method of competently cleaning your RV holding tanks.

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