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Dan Hylle offers commonsense holding tank tips to assist RV owners gleam an understanding of useful ways to manage and maintain their RV’s holding tanks. The guidance Dan is providing on this page is general conversation and shall not to be construed as to defeat specific information which may be published within the owner’s manual of your particular RV.
Prepare: Always fill an empty black holding tank with 5 to 10 gallons of water to charge and prepare the black holding tank for use. Never leave the black holding tank valve open.
Treat: Use Tank Tech RX – (a probiotic tank treatment). Do NOT combine with other tank treatments or chemicals. NEVER use bleach or other harsh chemicals!
USE: Fill toilet bowl to 3/4 full before flushing (Water-Water-Water). Never flush anything other than human waste and single ply tissue.
Drain: Do not dump the black holding tank until at least it is ¾ full. (Remember: only one valve open at a time).
Rinse: Use installed holding tank rinsing system or Johnny Chock method to flood-rinse (Remember: Rinsing is not cleaning).
Clean: A competent hydro-jet cleaning using high pressure water at 3000 psi with specialized tools and adapters is the only appropriate way to competently clean a black and gray holding tank. The appropriate “timing” of competent holding tank cleaning shall occur as follows:

  • Seasonally whenever you are intending to place your RV in storage;
  • For RV Enthusiasts who intend to utilize their RV long-term or full-time means an annual holding tank cleaning, especially after extended stay or extended travel periods.
rv-holding-tank-cleaning-using-hydro-jet-water-and-tank-techs-rx-probiotic tank solutions-to-avoid-harsh-chemicals

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