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Healthy Tanks Est 2007

Licensed & Insured

We are avid RV'ers just like you and we know how you feel about your RV's holding tanks!


Captain Charles, a Healthy Tanks Technician. Charles also owns and operates a fishing charter. He enjoys deep sea fishing, spear fishing and lobster diving in his spare time.

Rose, is a former medical office manager, who now fully operates Healthy tanks. Shes the one you speak to when scheduling your holding tank cleanings, as well as books RV rallys, seminars, and providing education on tank care.

Rose, too enjoys boating and deep sea life with her husband.

They are a family of five with three children and beloved dog. When the phones aren't ringing, they are busy exploring new places.

If you ever get the chance to see them at an RV rally or seminar, please introduce yourself and say hello! Charles and Rose love meeting new people!


Charles & Rose King

Since 2007 our team at Healthy Tanks have cleaned thousands of RV holding tanks throughout Florida from coast to coast. Our customer base is comprised of RV enthusiasts, long term residents and travelers venturing to Florida annually from all 50 states and Canada. We are the designated RV holding tank cleaning company utilized by numerous RV Dealers and campgrounds throughout Florida.

RV Tade Association
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