About Us

Since 2007 our team at Healthy Tanks have cleaned thousands of RV holding tanks throughout Central Florida from coast to coast. Our customer base is comprised of RV enthusiasts, long term residents and travelers venturing to Florida annually from all 50 states and Canada. We are the designated RV holding tank cleaning company utilized by numerous RV Dealers and campgrounds throughout Central Florida.

Healthy Tank Mission
To continue to build a team of highly trained experts to serve Central Florida RV community and our out of state visitors. All while building a team of resellers, vendors, and dealers to promote the sale of the “Tank Techs Rx” 100% probiotic tank treatment.

Healthy Tank Philosophy
We strive to build a successful and enduring legacy of high-end, world-class RV holding tank cleaning utilizing environmentally safe methods. We refuse to take short-cuts, end-runs, or other tricks. 

Healthy Tank Guarantee
Our guarantee is to eliminate odors, clogs and impaction from your RV holding tanks.