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Healthy Tanks utilizes 100% natural products.

Just Science signature product for Black, Gray and Galley Tanks is unlike anything else on the market! Living microorganisms multiply to repopulate and continuously clean tanks, liquifying solid waste and heavy sludge for easy removal. It's the proven no-hassle way to keep your tanks clean.
TankTechsRx for RVs comes in two sizes: 16oz and 32oz.

No Adverse Environmental Impact plus eliminates odor. Probiotic microbes destroy odor without deodorant. Cleans RV holding tank sensors. Inhibits struvite formation. Thrives in the blistering summer heat. Improves flushing and macerator function. Kills mold and dissolves grease. Kills disease-causing bacteria and produces healthy antioxidants inside your RV holding tank.


1 Liter Bottle

TankTechsRx 32oz_edited.png

1/2 Liter Bottle

TankTechsRx16 oz.jpg
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