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What's inside your holding tanks?

The "out of sight, out of mind" saying goes with this part. Most of us don't want to think about whats inside our holding tanks. Aside from the usual human waste, hair, and food particles there is so much more. Let me show you a few things we have removed from RV holding tanks.



Struvite is a material composed of magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate that creates stones (much like kidney stones) inside the holding tank. This mineralized build up can cause sensor misreading’s, become very heavy and weigh down your tank. Sometimes even separating the tank from the plumbing.

A hydro-jetter is needed to safely break up the struvite and remove it from the tank. We highly reccomend a holding tank cleaning to remove and eliminate struvite growth.


Mold has no boundaries and will grow on the walls, ceilings and sensors of your RV holding tank. This is not something that can be removed by simply rinsing or back flushing your tank.


Mold only needs a few things to grow.

  • Nutrients – Food

  • A sustainable place - Dark

  • Moisture – Damp

Indoor mold grows very well when the indoor relative humidity rate is above 70%.  In Florida the average humidity rate is above 74.6% according to the University of Florida.

Mold growth

Sewer bugs AKA drain gnats

Sewer bugs

There are a variety of sewer bugs. The two most common are scientifically called psychoda alternate or psychoda cinerea. These can be found in RV holding tanks since they thrive on moist organic waste, especially solid waste!
Thankfully sewer bugs do not bite! However, they can be very annoying and still even dangerous! 
They are born among decaying waste, sludge and mold. So, because of that, they have the capability to transmit diseases to humans.

Some people do not even realize that they have sewer bugs until it's a total infestation!

So how do you know if you have them? Well, you might see them in your shower, ventilation/skylight, or even around your sink where you keep your toothbrushes and face towels.


While this is not a pretty picture it is a very common occurance. Wipes do not break down inside of an RV holding tank. They can create a major impaction within the holding tank and plumbing.

Wipes clogged RV holding tank
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