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Our Mobile Services

At Healthy Tanks, we have studied how to efficiently and cost-effectively clean RV holding tanks. We perform factory cleaning techniques based upon engineering and science. 

We utilize state of the art hydro-jet equipment to unplug all RV holding tank clogs and provide annual preventative maintenance.

This process will remove

  • sludge build up

  • mineral scale

  • struvite

  • mold growth

  • sewer bugs

  • eliminate foul tank odors

  • correct sensor misreadings

After a healthy tank cleaning, your RV holding tanks will be in balance with nature, as we never utilize harsh chemical tank solutions.

We are a mobile company, licensed and insured servicing Florida since 2007.

RV Tank Clog

Don't let an RV tank clog ruin your day. Our hydro-jet equipment will safely and effectively break up and remove the clog. Not only will we remove the clog, we will also give your holding tanks a factory clean reset.

RV tank clog

Sensor Misreading

The majority of RV holding tank sensor misreading’s are caused by sludge build-up, struvite, and other undesirable pH imbalances within an unhealthy RV holding tank. Majority of RV holding tank sensors can be saved and flawlessly working after a professional RV holding tank cleaning.

RV holding tank sensors

Offensive Odors

RV holding tank odors are undesireable and caused by unhealthy bacteria growth. Once we have cleaned your RV holding tanks its imparative that you use a probiotic tank treatment. The probiotic create a healthy holding tank enviroment. The healthy bacteria combat bad bacteria that cause offensive odors and break down waste. Read here to learn more.

Tank Techs Rx probiotic
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